handful of blueberries           

Blueberries - staple of the north

Almost every person who grew up in the Ignace area has picked fresh wild blueberries. The boreal forest produces some of the sweetest berries in the world. These anti-oxidant rich berries when picked and cleaned sell for a good price and are highly sought after by visitors and travelers. The picking season usually lasts from the beginning of July to the end of August. The best place to find these berries is in harvested forest sites accessible by loging roads.

It is advised to be educated about black bears before venturing out for berries. Blueberry patches are a good place to encounter bears. These animals are usually non-threatening but can be dangerous. The bears will consume hundreds of pounds of blueberries late in the summer to store fat for the winter hibernation.

blackbear getting a snack
Black bear enjoying a blueberry patch. Photo by Joe Lecuyer

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