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Geocaching is a fun way to interact with other outdoor enthusiasts by finding their caches and exchanging objects or leaving a signature for the cache owner.  All you need is some outdoor gear and a handheld GPS.


Ed and Amanda Lahaie have created a number of geocaches at interesting sites in and near Ignace.
Geocaching is a high-tech version of hide-and-seek that combines the thrill of scavenger hunts, the physical challenges of hiking or biking, and the fun of gift exchanges.
You need a global positioning system (gps) receiver to find a cache, then sign the logbook and exchange small trinkets. With internet access you can visit websites that list geocaches hidden in the Ignace area - or throughout the region. A good website to start with is It's a great activity for families to enjoy together!

Geocaches within 70 km of Ignace ON

Description Coordinates UTM
Just Plane Cache N 49º 24.967 W 091º 39.556 15U E 597243 N 5474579
Agimak's Cache N 49º 24.943 W 091º 39.991 15U E 596718 N 5474525
Lilypad Lake Cache N 49º 24.177 W 091º 39.632 15U E 597177 N 5473113
West Beach Cache N 49º 25.467 W 091º 41.382 15U E 595020 N 5475466
Towerhill Lookout Cache N 49º 24.264 W 091º 37.608 15U E 599622 N 5473319
4 Mile Pit Cache N 49º 22.286 W 091º 34.256 15U E 603744 N 5469729
Ignace (the return) N 49º 21.590 W 091º 32.439 15U E 605967 N 5468482
Gulliver's Travels N 49º 21.217 W 091º 31.423 15U E 607210 N 5467814
Raleigh Falls Cache N 49º 28.347 W 091º 56.272 15U E 576948 N 5480520
Jimmy's Castle N 49º 10.257 W 091º 54.540 15U E 579524 N 5447032
Sign on the dotted line N 49º 32.349 W 092º 06.651 15U E 564329 N 5487773
Revell River Rest N 49º 32.173 W 092º 08.136  15U E 562542 N 5487426
Lodge Lake N 49º 15.145 W 091º 06.823 15U E 637265 N 5457228
Bass Cache  N 48º 56.931 W 091º 47.084 15U E 588977 N 5422481
The hidden Bridge II N 49º 41.824 W 091º 03.660 15U E 639829 N 5506754
Reminiscing Huck and Jim N 48º 54.508 W 091º 32.412 15U E 606967 N 5418307
Jack Fish N 49º 37.148 W 092º 26.568 15U E 540247 N 5496434
Bull's Eye N 48º 51.810 W 091º 40.598 15U E 597057 N 5413126
Looking Back N 50º 01.304 W 091º 40.534 15U E 594813 N 5541887
Dinorwic Hill, The Sequel N 49º 41.767 W 092º 29.370  15U E 536816 N 5504969
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