Welcome to Ignace

“You ‘otter’ be in Ignace”

Located in the heart of Northwestern Ontario's Sunset Country, the Town of Ignace (population 1,183) is situated on Agimak Lake at the busy junction of the Highway 17, Highway 599 and the Canadian Pacific Railway (only 2 1/2 hours west of Thunder Bay, and 5 hours east of Winnipeg). The economy is based primarily in the forest products, tourism and transportation industries. A strong accommodations and food service sector serves travelers along the Trans-Canada Highway business corridor. On the street, at the Post Office, or celebrating the season, Ignace residents like to wave hello to friends and strangers alike. Family ties link many residents to nearby towns and cities scattered across this vast region. Recent new residents have come to Ignace to work in our schools, to enjoy an active retirement, to explore job opportunities in tourism and opening a small business.

The Town has a brand new water treatment plant and a Travel Information Centre that sets a standard for the region in architecture and accessibility.

Ignace adopted the Canadian Otter as its mascot, recognizing the creature’s intelligence and playful spirit. The otter is an aquatic animal that swims and dives with great elegance. A favourite winter past time is sliding down snow banks.

“Iggy” the White Otter hosts White Otter Days, an annual social gathering in July that features music festivals and sporting events.

Situated on the shores of Agimak Lake, Ignace is a perfect place to raise a young family or settle in for life’s golden years. Ignace blends small-
town comforts and neighbourly folks who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Ignace is a gateway to the remote water falls, rivers, lakes and forests that surround it. There are two white sand beaches on Agimak Lake, and a floating dock provides an enclosed area for swimmers. In colder months, Ignace transforms into a winter playground. Residents like to ski or snowshoe, and the Ignace Otters Snowmobile Club sponsors special events on the trail network.

Our small town is a fusion of cultures where French, Italian, other European and First Nations people share their heritage. The splendor of the stars in the clear night sky defines the spirit of the north, reflecting our spacious and abundant landscape.












Sunrise over a lake

Sunrise on Agimak Lake

The beauty of the northern landscape surrounding a progressive modern community makes Ignace a truly great place to live and work. The friendly people of Ignace would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors in the surrounding area. We take pride in our northern hospitality combined with a wide range of conveniences and services that we have to offer. 


People Features

Ignace Mascot

 Man standing with white otter

Jim Gascon trapped a white otter in 1959 in the Barrel Lake area. Friend and hotel owner at the time, Steve Joblin, had the animal mounted for display in the hotel lobby. Now it’s at the Ignace Travel Information Centre where it wins over curious kids and adults alike.



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