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Ignace Takes Next Step in NWMO Site Selection Process

The Township of Ignace Council has resolved to continue learning about Canada’s plan for managing used nuclear fuel over the long term. Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is currently engaged in the Preliminary Assessment of Potential Feasibility – Feasibility Studies (Step 3), in their process to identify an informed and willing community to host a deep geological repository.

The feasibility study step of the siting process will determine whether Ignace has the potential to meet the detailed requirements for the repository project. The decision does not commit the Township to becoming a host community.

Any decision will not be made for several years, and will involve the whole community, if we get to that step.

Ignace began learning about Canada’s plan for used fuel management after contacting the NWMO in 2008. The Township formally entered the process in 2010. Community delegations have visited a nuclear waste management facility and met with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Council invited the NWMO for open house events in Ignace to provide information, hear concerns and answer citizen questions about the project. An initial screening, conducted in 2011, did not identify any conditions which would exclude Ignace from the siting process.

The first phase of the study, which has been completed, will explore four key questions:

  • Is there the potential to find a safe site?
  • Is there the potential to foster the well-being of the community through the implementation of the project, and what might need to be put in place to ensure this outcome?
  • Is there the potential for citizens in the community to continue to be interested in exploring the project though subsequent steps in the site selection process? and,
  • Is there the potential to foster the well-being of the surrounding area and to establish the foundation to move forward with the project?

To see the reports, please drop in to the local ICNCLC Office at 304 Main St., Ignace or view them online at

We have now moved to Phase 2 of the study. The activities included in this phase include field studies in the community, expanded regional engagement and building on work completed during the Phase One preliminary assessment studies. 

The NWMO is providing resources to the Township as it continues to explore its interest in the repository project.  Importantly, neighbouring communities and potentially affected Aboriginal communities will be engaged during the feasibility step of the siting process.  They will also be eligible for funding, as appropriate, to support their participation.

For more information about the NWMO, and the site selection process, please visit:


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