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White Otter Country

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Our Town Mascot, Iggy the White Otter, and the staff at the Ignace Tourist Information Centre are ready to help you discover more about the area. Ignace has lots of tourist resorts with access from the Trans-Canada Highway or Highway 599 north to Savant Lake and Pickle Lake.





Ignace area has a variety of year-round outdoor adventures, historical and archaelogical sites and wilderness routes like the Turtle River White-Otter Provincial Park and the English River system.

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 Large log cabin with unique style in forested area This log "castle" was built by a single man around the turn of the twentieth century. Jimmy McOuat constructed his home out of red pine logs, some weighing 1600 pounds.

The location is on crystal clear White Otter Lake between the towns of Ignace and Atikokan. The only way to access this heritage site is via canoe or float plane in the summer and by snowmobile in the winter.

Two people dressed in tree matching camoflauge sitting up in the trees smiling - one has binoculars and one has a compound bow Human beings are hunters and gatherers by nature.
To many people hunting and fishing are more than hobbies, they are passions and lifestyles. Much of the economy in Ignace is based on tourist camps that cater to hunters and anglers.
Harvesting wildlife for food provide us with an opportunity to bond with family and friends while gaining valuable life lessons that only nature could teach.
Person in a canoe floating on a lake at sundown Canoeing and kayaking are growing in popularity in Ignace. Similar to trail exploration but with fewer boundaries, it is a traditional and quiet way to get away from it all.
Agimak Lake is a gateway to Turtle River-White Otter Lake Provincial Park and the Trans Canada Trail water route.

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Ignace Tourist Information Centre
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